Best of 2019

confetti throwing at victoria house wedding

What a decade that was!

Ten amazing years rushed past our eyes like a whirlwind. Can you believe that ‘Forget You’ by ‘Cee Lo Green’ was in the charts in 2010, I know I think it’s CRAZZZZY!

It has been a real joy to photograph weddings during those 10 years and I have clocked up quite a few miles in the process traveling across all the local counties as well as a few weddings abroad in Italy & Poland and the Isle of Wight. I’ve been very lucky.

The ‘Best of 2019 images were narrowed down from a selection of my favourite 500 images. It was so hard to choose the final selection that I’ve shared here. I guess it all came down to choosing the moments that really stuck in my mind and images that meant something to me. I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

On a personal level, 2019 has been a testing time, but thankfully 2020 is looking up and I am feeling positive about this next decade as well as looking forward to the next catchy tune that ‘Cee Lo Green’ has in store for us.


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