Amy-Hampshire Portrait Photography

Another shot of Amy……SUPERSIZED!!!school prom photography in hampshire

  • Rima said:

    oh wow! my first reaction to this shot! Dis you use your off camera lighting for this?

  • Az said:

    Hi Rima, for this shot Amy's dad held a shoot thru' brolly on a boom arm from above.
    The flashgun was a Vivitar 283, and it was triggered wirelessly by an elinchrom skyport.

    Lovin' the shots from your recent wedding, especially the one of the bride in the car mirror.

  • Rima said:

    Some day Az, I'll understand all that gear talk!! Stunning as usual. Thanks for the compliment on my blog; I've been trying out new angles and perspectives and its definitely not as easy as I anticipated, but I guess that's the challenge!