Are you happy to travel to photograph our wedding?

Yes I am. I love driving, getting on boats and aeroplanes.

Are there different pricing options available?

Yes, I have four options to available for you to choose from, you can find out more about them by checking the ‘Request Wedding Info’ area on the contact form

How long would you stay at our wedding?

This really depends on how your day is planned and I generally like to stay all day for weekend weddings. However, I am happy to suit your requirements for weekday weddings.

Can we meet you?

Definitely!  Meeting your photographer is so important but if you live in another part of the world, we can always arrange a Skype meet.

How do you work on the day?

I’m very relaxed and like to keep a low profile for most of the day. This  allows me to capture all the little moments from your wedding day that you might have missed.

Is there a limit to how many photographs you take?

Definitely not, I want to give you the best possible coverage, whether it’s a large or small wedding.

Do you do shoot formal groups?

Yes I do.

You have your family and friends all in one place so let’s do it. Just keep them to as few as possible so that everyone, especially you, can enjoy the wedding.

How many images can we expect?

Every wedding is different, but most clients receive between 300-600 images. Black and white versions from a selection of images will also be included.

Can I print from the images files you supply?

Yes, your wedding images will have be fully edited, colour corrected and are ready to print from. Images are also supplied to you in a passworded web gallery that you can share with whoever you wish.

Are you insured?

Yes I have insurance specifically designed for wedding photographers, and carry spare camera and lighting equipment should I ever need it.

Will you be photographing our wedding day?

I will always be the photographer present at your wedding. If I’m unable to attend because of an illness, I have a close network of highly skilled professional wedding photographers that I can call upon. Fortunately, I have yet to miss a wedding.

Can we have a second photographer?

Yes, and I positively recommend it! Having a second professional photographer is also great value at an additional £400

How do we book?

Just complete the the online booking form and the date will be secured along with a booking fee of £300.

If you have any other questions please get in touch.