Portrait Photographer in Hampshire

I really enjoy the creative freedom that being a portrait photographer gives especially when working with models. It also gives me the opportunity to fine tune lighting techniques that I can use at weddings.

For the photographers out there; these were shot on  a Nikon D700 using an 85mm/35mm combo. Lighting was mostly natural, with fill light provided by a lastolite reflector. A Westcott Apollo Softbox was also used for the shots in the tree.

  • Sean Sillick said:

    Great shots Az!

    Particularly like the bokeh, and lens flare on the large portrait of Tiffany.
    The tree shots are cool too! Great lighting, and very imaginative.

  • Johanna said:

    I love the location of this shoot, very pretty! Gorgeous photos. I love her eyes.

  • Nessa K said:

    These are so stunningly beautiful.

  • Heather said:

    Those first two shots in the green tunic are simply gorgeous! Well done!

  • Shella said:

    Az, these are just tooooooooooo gorgeous! Wow! She's so stunning too!

  • Tenielle said:

    She is stunning, great shots and beautiful location. It's sooo good to shoot for yourself isn't it! :)

  • Bill Millios said:

    Third panel down - great shot. I hope she gets a large print of these for her wall! Good job.

  • Amber Hughes said:

    Absolutely stunning - I love the way you've captured her. Very mysterious and beautiful.

  • Tiffany said:

    That is NOT a green tunic! That is a green velvet Italian Renaissance handmade court GOWN! Tunic....pshaw! I worked hard on that lol. :-D Glad you put these up Az, they've really helped me get gown sales on my site!!! Love to work with you again, when I have made new stuff to shoot in.