Bik & Jani’s Handfasting in the New Forest

Bik & Jani’s Handfasting in the New Forest was one of the most enjoyable ceremonies I’ve been a part of. Thank you to all the guests that made this day very special for each and every one of us.
Make Up by Nina Fraser at Glitter Arti
Venue: Minstead Study Centre
Catering: Wedding Guests
Guy in pink shirt (me)

Hampshire Paganshandfasting-in-the-new-forest

  • Vicky Martienssen Slater said:

    So lovely, Az.

  • Malcolm Anderson said:

    lovely style, really nice.

  • Tiffany Herbert said:

    Wow :-)

  • Karen Raren said:

    Fabulous :)

  • Karen Raren said:

    We were here on Saturday, and met the subjects in the photos - passed on my admiration for the photographer, apparently he was there somewhere - really really lovely set :)

  • Mauranne Newby said:

    Lovely photos - and great Broom Jumping xxx.

  • Lisa Dawn said:

    What a beautiful wedding! Loved the photos.

  • Heavenly Bodies Beauty Studio said:

    These are fantastic Az you have such an amazing style!

  • Wow, looks like such a fun day, great set of images.